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The Real Deal

The events that we provide entertainment for are often once in a lifetime events including weddings, special birthdays, company anniversaries and key corporate exhibitions.

When you are choosing your entertainment for these you must ensure that your party or event is remembered for all of the right reasons.

Any business can be subject to cheap imitations & fake goods and with an event it is your job to make sure that the entertainment you choose is the highest quality & you don’t succumb to false promises & misleading literature from other alternative businesses.  In the UK there are clear laws regarding consumer protection and business protection. Acts such as including false and / or deceptive messages, omitting important information & particularly relative to the fun casino & entertainments business is that one cannot compare their product with a competitor’s product that is not the same.  So, although you may have been told you are getting the same product as that which Diamond Fun Casino Limited provide the reality is often you are getting something of far less quality. By the time you realise this, it is too late, your once in a lifetime party or event has been marred by substandard equipment and unprofessional staff and no matter which professional body you lodge a complaint with it will never bring that time back again.

They are key aspects To help you make the right decision when booking your casino, mirror photo booth or giant games and props.  The following should point you in the right direction and subsequently to Diamond Fun Casino.

Is the business contactable? Is there a published landline & physical address on the company’s website? 
Are the images shown on social media and on the website ‘stock’ images taken from google or do the photos show the companies own equipment? Ask! We only ever show our own equipment, what you see is what you will get.
For fun casino hire, are the croupiers actual professional croupiers with a background in the real casinos? Don’t be fooled by phrases such as ‘professionally trained croupiers’ or ‘professional fun casino dealers’.
Is their website well written & makes sense and is the social media text written in plain English without grammar mistakes? True professionals in any industry would ensure the finer details are always in line and word correct, just as much as you would want the service to be fine and correct. 
Does the business hold the relevant PAT test certificates and public liability insurance? Ask to see them.
Do the casino tables match? Are they self-standing with ‘H’ style legs? Anything less can be unstable and look incredibly unsightly. This is another important point to look out for when comparing gallery images.  If there are parts not being shown you have to question why.
Is the equipment unbranded? This is YOUR wedding, YOUR event, YOUR exhibition and should not be hijacked by any photobooth or casino company having their name in huge letters across the photo booth or especially distasteful is having pull up banners by this company at your own event where you should be the stars of the day.  

It’s a 7 out of 7 yes for all of the above with us. We are here to make every event the best it can be and remembered for all of the right reasons.  Our quality remains consistently the highest which is why we are the company of choice for the professionals in the events and entertainments industry and also the film and tv industry.


Author: Bryan Bryant